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Salesforce Field Service Lightning Certification Study Tips - I nailed cert # 15

Last week, my firm gave me the opportunity to take a certification of my choice on the Friday, in a proctored location at one of our offices.

Now, I don't usually take my exams at a test location, I love taking them at home - it gives me time to recap until a few minutes before the test as well as write down my thoughts afterwards. That said, it was kind of fun being in the room with colleagues and seeing how we all handle the pressure and stress differently.

I didn't allow myself a lot of time to study, I kept on delaying until the morning of the day before the exam. I was extremely worried since I have never worked with Field Service Lighting and was terrified of that which I didn't know.

Knowing I needed to start somewhere, I headed for Trailhead and found two modules. In my opinion these are very basic and definitely not enough to pass the exam. Below is my study plan which I completed in 8 hours.

Study Plan:

1. Do the 2 trailhead modules

Field Service Lightning Basics

1. Field Service Lightning Basics

1hr 15 mins

2. Field Service Centre Customization

1hr 30 mins

2. Explore, digest, and memorize by heart these documents:

I also created some flashcards on the major parts of FSL

Good luck on your exam and let me know how you did!

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