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Cracking the Business Administration Specialist SuperBadge on Trailhead

It's Trailhead quest time and right now in July '19 Trailhead has the Become an #AwesomeAdmin Quest - you can read more here: 3 Superbadges You Need to Become a SUPER #AwesomeAdmin.

I don't get to work as an #AwesomeAdmin in my day job, but for those of you that knows me well, you will know what I truly believe that in order to be best Salesforce architect, you need to be a #AwesomeAdmin first. All the fundamentals that an admin deals with every day form the cornerstones of every successful and well-designed salesforce architecture: user management (Identity Management), Data Management (Data Design), Security (Sharing and Visibility), and so on. To me it is important to make sure I often revisit the admin-side of Salesforce to make sure my knowledge is still on-par.

In short, I love admin Trailhead Badges (have you done this Trailmix? No? Go do it! Right now!), so I thought I will take on the Trailhead Quest and tackle the Super Badges.

Here are my thoughts on the Business Administration Specialist SuperBadge.

Challenge 1: Fix and import data:

I LOVE data. I LOVE spreadsheets, and I LOVE the Data Loader. That's a whole lot of love here. Whenever I work with data, especially importing data, I always try and remember the fundamentals:

- Make sure the headers of my file match the Salesforce Fields

- Make sure there is an Owner field if the records need to be owned by someone specific. (and don't forget that user needs to be active when importing)

- Remember that email fields need an "@" and a "." (Full stop/period)

- Make sure you know where you save the .csv file, and make sure it is a .csv file!

- Make sure any validation fields are active that needs to be active and that the data in the file conforms to those validations.

NOTE: these aren't necessarily needed to do this challenge - these are just the data loading fundamentals I always try and remember.

Challenge 2: Create users

Creating users have never been much fun for me, there are so many things you need to remember and get right. Remember the mandatory fields and the only advise I have is to READ the instructions carefully when creating the users.

Challenge 3: Create reports and dashboards

Things to keep in mind when creating these reports and dashboards:

  • You can put Unbucketed values all into a bucket named Other by enabling Bucket remaining values as Other.

  • Depending on the data type of the column you’re bucketing, you see different bucket options in the Edit Bucket Column menu. You can bucket 3 data types: numeric, picklist, and text. You can put them all into a bucket named Other by enabling Bucket remaining values as Other. Read more here

  • Summary and matrix reports display the first 2,000 groupings when Show Details is disabled.

  • Matrix reports display a maximum of 400,000 summarized values.

  • Matrix reports display a maximum of 2,000 groupings in the vertical axis when Show Details is disabled. If there are more than 400,000 summarized values, rows are removed until the 2,000 groupings limit is met, then columns are removed until the number of summarized values moves below 400,000.

  • Matrix reports that return more than 2,000 rows don't show details. If you click Show Details, nothing happens. You can only view the report with details hidden.

  • The report builder preview shows a maximum of 20 rows for summary and matrix reports, and 50 rows for tabular.

Note to Trailhead: the spacing of the dashboard components didn't loom so good - it was too small and I felt we could use a lot more cells to make it pop!!

Challenge 4: Configure reusable emails

In case you didn't know:

  • in Personal and Developer Editions, a Salesforce-specific tag line is added below your personal signature on all outbound emails.

  • Signatures will be added to all personal emails automatically, but inserting any template will overwrite current email and signature.

  • Signatures won't be added to emails that use HTML templates, as signatures need to be part of the template.

  • To add images to your email signature, please review Add an image to email signature in Salesforce.

  • To add links to your email signature, please review Add a link to my email signature

Challenge 5: Build a business process

Reminder here: You create sales processes, support processes, lead processes, and solution processes. Choose wisely!

Challenge 6: Build a space for collaboration

i really really wished I could edit the collaboration question since I forgot the question mark and had to delete and do it again!

I hope these notes helped, they were not supose to help you cheat, only to help you learn and remeber some important bits! Let me know what you thought about this superbadge!

C. xx

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